Why am I Always Tired?

That question needs an answer! Living life always tired has all sorts of frustrating consequences. When I was chronically tired, I had a short fuse and no threshold for frustration of any kind. My problem solving ability flew out the window. I had trouble remembering my phone number! Trying to function when you feel like a zombie hardly qualifies as a "healthy lifestyle"!

We're not only going to explore why you’re always tired, but we’ll work on fixing it, too!

What Tires You Out?

You will need more sleep if you are:

• Pregnant or just gave birth

• Breastfeeding

• Fighting off or recovering from infection or illness - even a cold virus

If you fall into one of the above categories, do not try to get by with your normal amount of sleep. Change your routine to accommodate extra snooze time.

Anytime you experience stress, your body responds by keeping you always tired, such as when:

• You experience a death or loss of relationship

• Packing and moving, or traveling

• You have a hectic family life or work problems

Allow for extra sleep when you experience these physical or life stressors. The sleep experts debate about how much sleep we actually need.

swaddling is a great way to get baby to sleep

In order to get the most out of your work time, you must have good working habits. In order to get the most out of your exercise time, you must have good exercise habits. The same is true of sleep. Learn how to improve adult sleeping habits as well as getting children to sleep so that parents can rest, too.

Do Energy Drinks Really Work?

Do energy drinks live up to all the hype? Used occasionally, they can help. But if you're reaching for them every day, it's time to find your energy!


1. Stay Active and Fit

When you really exert yourself during the day, you will sleep better at night. I chase kids around all day. I figured that counted as my exercise! But, I find that when the weather cooperates, pushing a double stroller a mile or two makes all the difference come bed time (and children generally do not create mischief while being pushed in a stroller!) The fresh air did both me and the kids good.

Walking around an indoor place, like the mall, can substitute in nasty weather if you possess the willpower to avoid the temptation to shop. If you have a history of vigorous exercise but have decreased your activity lately, it can affect your energy level.

How do you fit activity into your daily routine? Have a tip to share?

2. Find the Best Weight for You

If you carry extra weight you will feel tired more easily. If you are underweight, you don’t have enough muscle to keep you going. When you live in your Ideal Weight you won't be always tired from struggling under excess weight or from not having the energy to exert yourself.

Some physical conditions leave you drained, especially anemia, under active thyroid, or heart problems. Check with your doctor if you think your tiredness has a medical cause.

3. Be at Peace During the Day

If you face heavy emotions during the day or have trouble coping with stress it makes you tired. Look for ways to reduce your stress levels. Think back to the last time you felt refreshed and fully rested and then make a history of what has happened since then. Emotional upheaval and major life changes cause sleeping problems.

4. Protect Your Sleep Time

If your job prevents you from having consistent sleeping habits or if you work nights, you can expect tiredness. My job, nursing a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night, fits that description.

Many people view parenting as a cushy job. I know I did before I undertook the Herculean task of chasing active children around all day and then getting up with them in the middle of the night. This drains more than just moms. Often dad works all day just to come home and work some more by taking little ones to give mom a break. When's dad's break?!

When your life unavoidably disrupts your sleep schedule, you must devote more time to sleep. If not, you will feel like the waking dead, always tired and then some. I devote nine hours to sleep, even though I only need eight, as fudge room to make up for when my kids wake me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I wake up early and get a jump on the day, and that’s worth it.

5. Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals affect your sleep. Nicotine and other stimulants make it harder for you to enter deep sleep, so you may not wake up rested. Alcohol and other depressants, or downers, can put you in such a deep sleep you will not experience enough REM, or light sleep. Research indicates1 even alcohol ingested in the late afternoon can disrupt healthy sleep. You can try cutting back or cutting them out for a short while to see if you sleep better and feel more rested. Click here to learn more about how caffeine can contribute to keeping you always tired.

If you feed your body healthy food and avoid processed foods that often have chemical additives, you will have more energy during the day, and sleep better at night. Shortly after giving birth to my second child, I was always tired. New-baby life made sleep hard to find, but even when I found it, no amount of sleep kept me from nodding off in the early afternoon. I found my energy by adding goji berry juice to my routine.

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