Your Digestive System is Your Body's "Inbox"

If you’re like me, you don’t often think about digestion. Really, your digestive system is like an offensive lineman. You only talk about him if he messed up!

So, when I began experiencing occasional Irritable Bowel Syndrome it was really the first time I had paid any attention to my digestive system. I have since learned that healthy digestion is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I recommend you start your journey to wellness by taking a close look at your digestion.

If your digestive system is not working properly, your body doesn’t absorb all the nutrients it needs to keep your body healthy. Imagine my shock when improving my digestion drastically improved my immune system! And my skin! And my energy!

You know what it’s like to have an overloaded inbox. Have you ever been spammed? It’s impossible to find your real emails without wading through all the junk! Your digestive system serves as your body’s “inbox”. It can’t pull out the nutrients it needs while dealing with a lot of junk.

I once walked in to a friend’s kitchen as she analyzed the ingredient lists and threw away bags and boxes of food. She said, “I have been sick for months and my body is trying to tell me something, so I’m going on a “only eat what I can pronounce” diet.” It seemed strange and drastic, but it worked. By becoming very picky and selective about what you eat, you can “delete” the junk from your diet. Feeling great motivates you to stay away from junk food.

Let’s just come right out and talk about the “outbox”, too. If you’re eating, you should be pooping. You may not even realize you’re irregular... I didn’t. It amazes me how comfortable I had become with infrequent toilet encounters of the second kind. Once my digestive system started working properly and regularly, I felt so much better! I didn’t know what I was missing!

Here are some ways to improve digestion:

Drink Goji Berry Juice

I improved my digestion dramatically with goji berry juice. You never realize how often you have indigestion until you start actually digesting properly! I also hadn’t realized how irregular I’d become. Soon after adding goji juice to my daily routine, I enjoyed regularity and my irritable bowel syndrome symptoms disappeared. I cannot stop talking about the benefits of goji juice!

Eat Raw

By adding more raw foods to your diet, you can dramatically improve your health. With all the enzymes and fiber found in the yummy raw foods you’re about to enjoy, you won’t recognize your digestion in a week! Learn more about how to eat raw.

Drink Warm

Cold beverages take awhile for your body to warm up before they can be absorbed. No problem between meals, but if you often feel like your meal just “sits” in your stomach after you eat it, you might need to drink warm.

Eat Thankfully

There’s more to saying grace than you might think. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, taking a moment to sit and pause before eating helps your body switch from active mode to digestion mode, which will surprisingly improve how you feel after you eat and what you get out of your meals. New research shows that eating with family is essential to good health... and healthy relationships!

Take a Hike

Have you heard you should wait 30 minutes after a meal before exercising? Baloney! Maybe a boxing match is a bad idea after Thanksgiving dinner… but a brisk walk, especially after big meals, is great for your digestion. Physical activity increases your body’s production of digestive enzymes. Next time you overeat, go for a walk!

Have you improved your digestion? We want to hear from you!

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