Healthy Eating is Happy Eating!

You will take a giant leap toward a healthy lifestyle with some good ol’ fashioned healthy eating! Let me help you make better food choices!

With basic healthy meal planning skills, you can cook with confidence! Learn the simple steps of food choice that will improve your health.

One often overlooked key to eating healthy is to eat real food! As our grocery store choices become more and more processed, it takes real commitment to eat real food. Learn the benefits of a high fiber diet and a whole food diet.

Finding unprocessed food at the grocery can take some detective work. I found that by eliminating one unwanted ingredient at a time, I significantly increased the quality of our food. First, because of my preschooler’s wacko behavioral reaction to it, I started with high fructose corn syrup. Then, I looked to more long term health consequences and eliminated hydrogenated oils.

Now, we must put the rubber to the road, or, more appropriately, the skillet to the heat. Are you bored with your meals? Too busy to learn to cook? Look no further! I am the number one slacker cook. Find an idea for dinner tonight and add your favorite meal to the Easy Healthy Recipes collection!

Do you eat a lot of processed and junk foods? In order to make better food choices, you will have to make a lot of changes. If you are planning to overhaul your diet, a food log can help you track your progress. Write down everything you eat every Monday, for example, and see how you improve as the weeks go by. It can be as simple as making sure you're getting five fruits and vegetables a day, or you can meticulously record how many calories per day you are eating.

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