Take a Hike!

Just get up and hike! Run! Swim! Bike! Get out there! With even just a little exercise, you will:

-lose weight

-gain muscle, increasing your metabolism

-have more energy

-sleep better

-eat better, by reducing cravings

-activate your immune system

Even if I just walk around the trails in my neighborhood, I call it a hike. Walking is boring. Hiking is an adventure!

Can You Save Yourself?

Imagine a disaster hits your city. An earthquake, a hurricane, a volcano... and you have to run for your life. Can you do it? How far will you get?

Now imagine you have to carry a child. Will you be able to get to safety? It's not something I like to think about, so I don't think about it - I just do it. Get out there and exercise!

Heart Health

What would happen if you never used your arm or your leg. The muscles would atrophy and become weak. The heart is a muscle. If you don't use it, you will lose it.

Awhile back, I joined an aerobics class and was in great shape. Then, I moved and never joined one at my new home. My young son was riding his bike and had gotten too far ahead and couldn't hear me. I started to run to catch up. I couldn't run like I had just a few short months before, and my son was in danger because of it! You have to continuously work your heart... and all your other muscles... to keep them healthy.

Excuses, Excuses...

But you can't ever seem to get to the gym or get on that treadmill you bought. So, just take a hike! Walking is good for you. So is fresh air. Overcome the obstacles, and just go outside and walk.

Find the Time

Your first step is to make room in your schedule for exercise. You may not think you have the time. The average American watches over 5 hours of television a day. Exercise will help you sleep and unwind far better than television.

Who is that person in your life who needs more quality time with you? Whether they can hike next to you, you run next to their training-wheel bike, or you push them in a stroller, exercise time can be bonding time.

Are you motivated by other people? Find a group of friends to walk with you every day... or even just one day a week. Do you feel like you never get a moment to yourself? Give yourself that alone time by walking by yourself.

Find a Place

Are you like me? I can't just walk in circles. I have to have a destination. Can you find a favorite store or friend's house within walking distance? www.trails.com has a trail finder to help you find nature trails to hike. www.audubon.com can help you identify the bird species you see in your neighborhood to make your hikes more interesting.

What if the weather does not cooperate? Having lived in Michigan, I know how you feel. Would you like to walk around your local shopping mall? Could you join a Jazzercise class? Is there a local indoor pool?

Just Take a Hike!

Exercise is like life insurance. The earlier you start, the easier it is. Do not let the obstacles and excuses stop you from enjoying all the benefits of exercise. Even if you've started a million time and keep giving up, give it one more try.

How do you fit exercise into your week? Please let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

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