Who is this Healthy Mom on a Mission?

Hi! My name is Tarah, and I am a mom on a mission… Thank you for visiting my website!

I have always enjoyed health subjects. From a young age, I began experimenting with various health trends, like vegetarianism. I chased after many different health fads, from the newest supplements to exercise equipment.

Growing up in sunny Florida, I enjoyed great health as a kid, and did not get sick much. After graduating from college, I got married. I battled the yearly cold, but was generally healthy. Then... we moved to Michigan...

My first month North I got a cold. I caught something the next month too. Fast forward through two pregnancies, and I had been sick with something every six weeks or so for THREE YEARS! I couldn’t believe how my immune system had let me down!

I became increasingly frustrated not only with my doctor, but the online medical community as well. They consistently ignored the root cause of the problem, treated the symptoms, or just said “wait it out”. I had heard “You’re just adjusting to Michigan” so many times, I wanted to cry.

I knew that my body could do better than 10 viruses a year. Finally, I visited a naturopathic physician. I walked away surprised at how our bodies’ systems are interconnected. I concentrated on improving my diet and digestion, and sure enough, my immune system followed.

As I went weeks and then months without “taking a sick day”, I began to notice I was feeling better in other ways, too. My digestion, my skin, my mood, my sleep and my energy level all slowly, but noticeably improved.

I began to see that health was not one food, one supplement, or one exercise, but an entire lifestyle.

I became a Mom on a Mission to guide YOU along the path to better health. I cannot wait to share what other health and wellness websites seem to ignore. Your health issues are interconnected! Just as you cannot “spot reduce” a fat place on your body, you cannot “spot improve” your health. Improve your body systems one by one and create Your unique healthy lifestyle.

The implications of this extend past feeling empowered about your health. Here in America, we are experiencing a health care crisis. Our government does not know how to pay for all the rising health care costs. We as individuals must do whatever we can to keep out of the health care system by enjoying the benefits of preventative care. If the information on this website keeps one person out of the doctor’s office, I’ve done my job. Wouldn’t it be great if we ONLY saw the doctor for our annual physical? It’d be FINE by ME!

Life moves at breakneck speed. It's hard to create healthy change. That's why I've developed easy baby steps so that you can slowly achieve your health goals... and make them your natural lifestyle. This way, living healthy will come easily to you!

Let me know how I can tailor the information on this website to your particular health issues by filling out the form below. Are you also a mom on a mission to improve you and your family's health? I'd love to hear from you!

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