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Due to popular demand, you will find two tools below which you can use as an overweight calculator. I encourage you NOT to get stuck on numbers!

As I've mentioned elsewhere, you already know your ideal weight without these tools. You know how your clothes should fit. You know when you've put exercise and a healthy diet on the back burner. Most people know if they need to lose weight without a chart to prove it. I provide this overweight calculator for you if you need added motivation to get in gear and set some fitness goals.

More Than A Number

FACT: Muscle weighs more than fat. A muscular person will weigh more than a fat person of the same height... and be much healthier! A weight height chart, A.K.A. overweight calculator, like the one below does not know how muscular you are.

FACT: Researches have found connections between abdominal fat and heart disease and stroke! Every extra inch around your middle increases your risk of early death. Women, you are risking your health if you are overweight and have a 35 inch waist (40 inch waist for men).

Height Weight (BMI) Chart

How To Use This Chart

Find your height along the left hand side. Move down the row next to your height until you find your weight. Then, go straight up until you hit the top row of numbers. The corresponding number is your BMI, or Body Mass Index.

BMI = 19 or less: underweight

BMI = 20-24: healthy

BMI = 25+ overweight

BMI = 30+ obese

BMI = 35+ severely obese

BMI = 40+ morbidly obese

BMI table, overweight calculator, height weigh chart

"What Do I Do With This Number?"

If your BMI is higher than you'd like it to be, move one row to the left and try to achieve that weight for the next BMI down. If you make permanent lifestyle changes, the weight will continue to come off. Start small. Set goals you can achieve!

If your BMI is within the healthy range (20-24), Congratulations! I hope you're ready to stop asking "What should I weigh?" and start focusing on increasing your fitness level for long term health! ;)

If you are still concerned and would like another tool to see if you have work to do, let's move on to determining your Healthy Body Fat Percentage.

What is the difference between Body Mass Index (BMI) and percent body fat?

Body Fat Percentage is a more advanced overweight calculator than your Body Mass Index score. Your body mass index is an easy way to give a rough estimate of whether or not you are at a healthy weight. Height and Weight are two measurements that are readily available. You might find calculating your Body Fat Percentage is a hassle, but the added information can help you track your improvement. If you work hard to lose weight but your scale won't budge, it is possible your body fat percentage is improving while your weight stays the same, because muscle weighs more than fat.

Age-Adjusted Recommended Body Fat Percentage

Time to get out your tape measure! (If you do not have one, you can print one here.) You will need to measure your...

Hips: Stand with your feet about 4 inches apart and measure the widest part of your hips.

Calf: Place your weight on your dominant leg and measure your calf at its widest part - about half way between your knee and ankle.

Thigh: Stand with your feet about 12 inches apart. Measure your upper thigh at the widest part.

Wrist: Measure in the dip between the bony part of your wrist and the start of your hand.

... in inches. Then enter your measurements into this calculator. Once you have your percentage, the charts below will tell you your healthy body fat percentage:

World Health Organization Recommended Healthy Body Fat Percentages

For Women:

Age 20-40 yrs 41-60 yrs 61-79 yrs
Underfat Under 21% Under 23% Under 24%
Healthy 21-33% 23-35% 24-36%
Overweight 33-39% 35-40% 36-42%
Obese Over 39% Over 40% Over 42%

For Men:

Age 20-40 yrs 41-60 yrs 61-79 yrs
Underfat Under 8% Under 11% Under 13%
Healthy 8-19% 11-22% 13-25%
Overweight 19-25% 22-27% 25-30%
Obese Over 25% Over 27% Over 30%

So? How did you do? Did the overweight calculator determine that you are at a healthy weight? Regardless of your body fat percentage, increasing muscle mass is an important health goal. I once thought I was fit because I was very thin. One very rough pregnancy later, I learned I was TOTALLY out of shape, even though my body fat percentage was very low!

If you are asking yourself, "Why I Am Fat?" , recent weight loss research has the answer.

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