What is My Primary Immune Response?

Your primary immune response, or innate immunity, is how your body responds the first time you encounter a pathogen (e. g., a cold virus). The chances of you having antibodies for a new virus are almost impossible. On your first exposure your body will make antibodies, but it will take awhile.

First Line of Defense

Your primary immune response is carried out by white blood cells, which are always circulating around in your blood whether you are battling an infection at the moment or not. One type of white blood cell is the Macrophage. Macrophages are big eaters. They eat anything they find that they determine is foreign. This is a great thing when they are cleaning up dead cells and such.

primary immune response, white blood cell

Most macrophages succeed in killing any virus cells they encounter, even if they have to kill themselves in the process. But every once in awhile a virus cell wins and keeps the macrophage from destroying it. The virus then hijacks the macrophage and reproduces inside it. The macrophage then becomes a party bus and unwillingly helps the mass of viruses find a fun place to hang out. The common cold likes your throat and sinuses. A stomach virus likes your intestine.

Once a virus arrives at its favorite place, it tries to reproduce as much as possible. Your body responds by trying to get rid of the virus. Snot and mucus are made of your body’s cells all trying to win the war and outnumber the virus cells so that more and more viruses will be eaten and killed. Vomiting and diarrhea are also ways that your body tries to flush out viruses.

What Makes the Difference between Getting Sick and Fighting It Off?

Everything in your body is made from the foods you eat. When you are not getting the nutrients you need, whether because you’re not eating them or because you’re not absorbing them, your body starts shutting systems down to keep more vital systems going. The reproductive system is one of the first to go. The immune system is next.

The good news is, as soon as those nutrients become available, the immune system can quickly recuperate. If you have a healthy immune system you will have so many white blood cells like macrophages circulating all the time that a higher percentage of virus cells will lose the war and die before they can reproduce, limiting the giant reaction your body pulls off when the virus multiplies.

Give Your Immune System What It Needs

When there are a lot of chemicals in your diet, or anything that your body has to work to process, like white sugar, your body is spending time working on that instead of making white blood cells for you. When I was catching every virus that went around, I was eating a great diet, but my digestive system was not absorbing what I needed. I improved my digestion with goji juice, and now my primary immune response is ready for anything. I still catch something about every six weeks from September to March... that's just the way Michigan is... but I never really get sick! I fear no cold or flu, because my body has fought off everything it has encountered since I started giving my body what it needed!

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