Are you Ready for a Raw Diet?

Probably not! If you think "raw diet" means eating nothing BUT raw food, than I'm not ready either!

There are lots of benefits to adding raw food to your diet, and decreasing the amount of processing your foods go through.

The enzymes we need to digest our food are found in the food themselves. Each food contains the enzymes you need to digest it. (As if the apple tree knew it was making healthy snacks! Thanks apple tree!). That situation is great in the case of apples, but what about beef? Wheat? Chicken? Green beans? We cannot eat all our food raw, but heat destroys enzymes. That is where an enzyme supplement comes in.

Supplements are good, but food is better. Think back to what you ate today. How much of it was raw? In today’s modern world, Convenience Is King. Processed foods pervade the American diet. When I first started trying to add raw food into my diet I could not believe the inconvenience. So many things I eat are completely “prepared”. For example, most sandwiches, from peanut butter and jelly to turkey and cheese, are completely made up of cooked ingredients.

Please come back soon to learn more about incorporating raw foods into your diet