What is Goji Juice?

Soon, everyone was asking me "What Is Goji Juice?"

I couldn't stop talking about it! This is the juice that started me on the path to health. The idea for this website sprang from my desire to share this juice with you.

I once caught every bug that came around. Not a month went by FOR 3 YEARS that I wasn’t so sick I begged my husband to take off work and take care of our kids so I could have a “sick day”.

After trying wheat grass juice, insane doses of vitamin C and other immune building herbs and supplements, I thought nothing would work. I was skeptical, but within days of starting goji juice, I felt more energetic and had fewer digestive difficulties. After going three months without a “sick day” I knew I was on to something.

Then I found this website about other people and their experiences with goji berry juice.

What is goji juice made from?

Goji juice comes from goji berries, also known as wolf berries. Goji berries have been cultivated in China and Mongolia for almost 2,000 years.

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They have a unique polysaccharide that encourages your body to heal itself. Why take supplements that contain antioxidants, when you can encourage your body to make its OWN powerful antioxidants? The first thing I noticed when I began drinking the juice was that my digestion improved. Then, slowly, my energy increased. After months of taking the juice, I noticed my skin broke out less, I was in a better mood, and I didn't get sick as much. Being a huge skeptic, I have stopped taking goji juice twice for a span of one month each time, to make sure the improvements I'm seeing are actually the juice. Each time I have practically tackled the FedEx guy to get my juice at the end of the month!

I have learned a lot about my body by taking goji juice. I still fight a virus about every six weeks all winter long. I wake up with a sore throat or feel congested and think "That's it! This goji juice is all hype!" But as the day goes on, I feel better. I might wake up feeling under the weather for a few days, but I never actually catch the cold! It is amazing to me to feel my body actually fight off something after years of succumbing to every cold and flu! This winter, no one in my family got the stomach flu! We went all winter puke free!

Why this juice?

Not all goji berry juices are the same. I am one of the most frugal people I know. I am a coupon cutter and a budget trimmer. That being said, my parents taught me not to be “penny wise and pound foolish”. I have learned when generic is just as good and when you get what you pay for. PubMed documented goji juice benefits using what I have learned is the very best goji juice out there.

What is Goji Juice that it can claim so much?

There are some people out there making ridiculous claims about this juice. Those claims may be why you're asking, "What is Goji Juice?" Can goji juice really do all that that they say? I don't know. I credit this juice for helping me recover from two pregnancies. I no longer feel run down and worn out. It has changed MY life! Goji juice may or may not be for you, but it could be a way for you to have more energy, sleep better, and feel better. I would love to answer any questions you have about whether or not goji will work for you.

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