What Should I Weigh?

Everyone is asking, “What Should I Weigh?”, as “fat” becomes an epidemic throughout the Western World. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight.

Health problems come with carrying around extra weight. The question is not about just looking good, but living healthy. It’s time to set a goal. The goal is: You. Healthier. You: eating healthy foods, staying active and creating your unique healthy lifestyle. You already know your ideal weight! It’s the weight at which your clothes fit perfectly, your cheeks smile back at you in the mirror, your energy levels are high, and you feel motivated.

But there are tools you can use to help you determine if you're at a healthy weight if you must have a numerical goal to help motivate you. So, I provide two Overweight Calculators to help you.

Are you struggling with your weight? In Why Am I Fat? , I will show you how recent weight loss research can help you understand your weight gain.

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