Why Am I Fat?

You've tried every diet and exercise plan but still find yourself groaning, "Why am I fat?!" New research will shed light on why you are fat... and what to do about it!

Four Road Blocks on Your Weight Loss Highway

Road Block 1: Metabolism.

We all know those high metabolism folks who just eat and eat whatever they want and never gain a pound. Then there are those that struggle. Have you trimmed the fat, calories, carbs, taste and joy out of your diet and can still never lose an ounce?

-Metabolism slows with age. Maintaining your ideal weight gets harder with every birthday.

-Extreme diets slow your metabolism. Your body prepares for the next self-inflicted famine.

-Muscle raises your metabolism. The higher percent body fat you are, the slower your metabolism becomes.

Road Block 2: Stress.

Most of us deal with stress by eating. If I had a dollar for every time I have justified a hazelnut truffle (or four) because I've had a hard day, I'd be rich! But even if stress doesn't affect your willpower, it affects your metabolism.

-When you’re stressed, your body releases Neuropeptide Y (NPY), which supports new tissue growth.

-Combine with stress hormones and that new tissue will be... FAT!

-Stress creates a fight or flight syndrome, which causes increased levels of some hormones, like cortisol, and decreased levels of others, like DHEA.

-It is important to improve hormone function in order get your body in fat-burning mode.

As you can see, stressing out about "why am I fat?" can make things worse! :)

Road Block 3: Bad Normal Flora.

Scientists from Washington Institute, Missouri have discovered that your normal gut flora, or microbiommes, influence your weight. The scientists followed some overweight folks for a year. They maintained their diet (can I be next?) and controlled their intestinal flora.

-Weight loss depended on the increase of Bacteroidetes bacteria and decrease of bacteria Firmicutes.

-Intestinal flora are involved in the regulation of the fatty part of the body.

-This could explain why we gain weight with age since intestinal flora decrease with age.

Road Block 4: Appetite.

Weight loss boiled down to its simplest form requires us to stop eating when we’re full. This must be done gradually to achieve true lifestyle changes.

-Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a digestive hormone that tells your body you’re full. The earlier your body releases that hormone, the sooner you’ll feel full and stop eating.

-The release of CCK is triggered by fat. We need fat to help us feel full (and for proper brain, reproductive and digestive function). Therefore, a moderate amount of “good” fat promotes good health and helps you feel full.

Now I know why I am fat. What can I do about it?

-Raise your metabolism by building muscle

-Find ways to reduce your stress

-Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

-Eat smaller portions

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